South Carolina Intervention

South Carolina Intervention

south carolina intervention

The signs are there, but you don’t want to believe them. A loved one has a drug or alcohol problem, and you know it’s getting worse. You want to help, but how? If you live in South Carolina, take the first big step toward helping a loved one find a better life. Contact Intervention Services. We can help.

What is an intervention?

You may not have heard of an intervention as a method of getting addicts into treatment and staying in treatment. At Intervention Services, we involve the addict and family members in a two- to three-day process with the focus on changing the family dynamics. The aim is to form a family unit that can make all the difference in an addict’s pathway out of addiction. No matter how strong the desire, an addict doesn’t change all alone. The family unit can be a most important part of the process. It can also help to ensure that the addict not only enters treatment but doesn’t walk out of treatment two days later.

Intervention Services uses a model of intervention called S.M.A.R.T. It uses the family meeting, a request to the addict to accept help, and tough love when necessary. Your loved one will be invited, on his or her own time, to talk about addiction at a family session. We are successful not only in getting an addict into treatment but in convincing him or her to stay there. That is the ultimate goal in our South Carolina Intervention program, a life free of the addiction and an understanding of how to keep it that way.

What is an interventionist?

A interventionist works to change the family unit and help an addict find his or her own place in a drug-free or alcohol-free existence. Our method works because we have been there. Our specialists are either former addicts themselves or have family members who were addicted.

Don’t watch the struggle of a loved one any longer. In our South Carolina Intervention program, we know the problems of drug and alcohol addiction, and we know the best way to free a user from such bondage. Call Intervention Services because we can help.

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