Crack Intervention

Crack Intervention in South Carolina

Crack Intervention in South Carolina

Interventions allow friends and family members a chance to attempt to get their loved one, who is battling an addiction, to change their course. Without intervention, it is unlikely that an individual who is addicted to a drug like crack cocaine will ever realize the negative effects that their addiction is having in their life. Because they care for their loved one who is addicted to drugs, family members will either perform a direct or an indirect intervention.

A Direct Versus an Indirect Crack Intervention

When family confronts a loved one who is addicted to crack using the direct approach, they do so without the help of a third-party intermediary. In the direct approach, the family members and friends of the individual battling the addiction will directly meet with that person. During their meeting they will clearly lay out the negative affects their loved one’s addiction has had on friends and family. They will clearly lay out a plan for treatment that they expect their loved one to follow. And they will say, in no uncertain terms, the consequences that their loved one will face if they do not follow the treatment course that they have laid out. The indirect approach would involve a family member working with a therapist. The therapist will give them in direct things that they can do in order to help their addicted family member.

Will a Crack Intervention in Work for You?

Obviously, you are thinking about the answer to this question because there is someone who you care about dearly who is battling addiction. Maybe you’ve gotten to the point where you feel that if you do not confront your loved one, it is possible that their situation will get worse.

Many studies done by The National Institute on Drug Abuse show the benefits that individuals who are battling drug addiction receive from an intervention. However, all of these studies make it very clear that in order for intervention to work, it must be followed by follow-up care. This means that if during the intervention a plan for treatment was laid out, then it is up to friends and family to see to it that their loved one follows through on getting the help that was laid out during the intervention. If their loved one does not respond, it is also going to be up to the family members to stick to their guns and follow through with the consequences that they mentioned.

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