Marijuana Intervention

Marijuana Intervention in South Carolina

marijuana intervention in south carolinaThe National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) found that Marijuana is the most abused drug in the United States. Abused by more than 14.8 million people, it is a highly misunderstood drug that can lead to serious health complications. If you have a loved one who is addicted to marijuana, help is available. Intervention is a successful process that can guide your loved one on a path towards recovery.

What to Expect During Marijuana Intervention

During an intervention, a professional will help your loved one begin a treatment plan for their addiction. This process involves family members and friends as well. When guided by a professional interventionist, the results can be much more successful than attempting to motivate the addicted individual alone.

Intervention utilizes modern techniques and structure that have proven to be beneficial for individuals suffering from drug addiction. It also provides a supportive and neutral environment. This is important because family members often have intense feelings towards the loved one suffering from addiction. These emotions can be a detriment to the individual’s recovery, when not handled appropriately. The interventionist is able to guide conversations in the right direction without making your loved one feel like they are being attacked.

The Effects of Marijuana

Marijuana is a misunderstood drug. Many people assume that it is harmless, since it is a plant. This attitude towards the drug could not be further from the truth.

Marijuana can cause serious health complications, as well as behavioral problems. It can even lead to mental health disorders, such as depression, paranoia, and can make existing mental illness worse. It’s physical effects include rapid weight gain or loss, difficulty breathing, chronic cough, and cognitive impairment. Respiratory problems are common among marijuana users, because it irritates the lungs.

In addition to these health concerns, marijuana has been linked to certain types of cancer, mainly testicular cancer. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, this is an aggressive type of cancer mainly found in young men.

Withdrawal from marijuana can lead to temporary symptoms such as pains and aches, headaches, depression, irritability, and angry outbursts. Proper medical care is beneficial during the withdrawal stage.

Marijuana intervention in South Carolina can help your loved one start a journey towards recovery from their addiction. Help is available, and is one phone call away.

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